Monday, October 22, 2012


1. The compostition of my piece, in my opinion, was that it was done quite well. There are few stray marks and the detail is shown well with the wings of the dragonfly, water texture, and lilypads as well as the plants the dragonfly is resting on.  If I had perhaps made the lines in the water smoother, it would have more unity and rhythm.
2. Texture and contrast are, as I mentioned in question one, everywhere in this print.  You can find texture with the lilypads, movement of water, and the wings of the dragonfly.  Contrast is shown in how the plants dip into the water and how one is colored but the other is solid black.  It is also shown in hwo the plants go vertical whereas the water and dragonfly are horizontal.
3. Positive and negative space are shown fairly well in the artwork.  The water and sky are postive as well as the cutouts in the lilypads and dragonfly wings.  The negative space are the lilypads, ripples in the water, plants and the body of the dragonfly.
4. Craftmanship of this piece was overally done well.  There are only a few stray marks and because I made this, I know it was hard to avoid.  The branches that the dragonfly is sitting on have small, spaced details to counteract the dragonfly itself and the cuts are deep enough that no ink can get stuck in it.
5. Depth was something I struggled with.  I did figure out how to use placement to put the dragonfly first, water and plants behind that, and air and sky behind everything else.  If I had made a few more details to distinguish the veiws, you may have been able to tell them apart easily instead of looking for it.
6. The printmaking project was a really cool project to do.  I loved being able to carve the linoleum out and make my own print however I wanted.  It was hard learning how to carve and make the prints without smudging it or pushing too hard, which would mess it up. Overall this project was worth it and I think it'd be fun to do again.

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