Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chalk Mural Critique

1: Working with a team for the mural had its ups and downs.  We all had differnent ideas and talents.  The final mural turned out really well becuase of this.  One thing that I didn't like about the groups was that some of our group decided not to participate so the rest of the group had to do extra work.  All in all, I think that this group project worked out well.

2: Collabortation is a huge part of working as a team.  Like I said in question one, we had different ideas for the final piece, a roller coaster, fishbowl, disneyland, and even riding on a unicorn.  After finally deciding on the final piece, and with all of our talents combined, the mural was very successful.

3: I think that personally, our chalk mural turned out great.  There were a miriad of colors in it, so much detail and the coloring showed off values wonderfully.  If given more time, and chalk, we could have made it even better, added more color, tinier details and done some more blending.

4: I really enjoyed this project being life-sized.  It was fun to walk by it and tell people about the idea and concept of it.  It was interesting looking at pictures of people interacting too.  They seemed to love being crazy and pretending that they were in it and it was a nice distraction between classes and being stressed about work.

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