Art 1 Final Portfolio

#1.  My favorite art project this semester was the chalk mural.  This project was my favorite because you could interact with the art.  Also, this was the first project that I had done on a large scale, so it was a new experience.  The group I was in was less than ideal, but the people who actually worked did a spectacular job.  Trying to add value while using the small chalk was difficult because it broke very easily, but in the end it was worth it.  I saw people taking pictures with the murals after we had finished too, so I think this was a great choice of project.  The only difficulties I had with my project were that I wasn't tall enough to draw some of the work, and that the chalk kept running out because it was so small and we had so much shading to add to show the value.  I think the reason that this was my favorite was because I could add my own artistic flair and this was not just some painting or drawing, it was something that you could go up and interact with.
 #2.  The project that helped me grow the most and tested my skills was the value portrait.  I have always enjoyed drawing, and the people that I drew never ended up looking very life-like.  Through this project, I was taught how to add value and not use such bold lines, to blend the lines.  We used a pencil and tracing paper to outline the points of major color or value.  Transferring the opaque lines to our sketchbook, we then began to make an outline and shade to show the other peson's face and details.  After the project was over, I was surprisingly pleased with my sketch, I love the way everything blends together, but you can see the facial features clearly.  I hope to practice more of this style of art in free time so that I will be able to draw like this in the future.  This was a project that I had trouble with, but it ended very well.
 #3.  I believe that one of my final pieces was one of my best.  The landscape painting combined most of what I had learned this year.  There were values to show depth, complimentary colors to make the background pop, a focal point of the artwork, and I used techniques I had aquired too.  This painting began by me adding the complementary colors of the background, orange, blue and pink, to the blank canvas in order to make the colors pop later.  Then I added the background and worked my way up.  Using water to blend the paint colors for value proved to be difficult.  Another problem that I encountered was detailing because I wasn't sure if the painting would look completer without one thing or another.  Some of the techniques I used were from other projects in the year.  Painting every little blade of grass came from carving our linoleum for the printmaking project.  This project combined all of the class into one.
#4.  In my opinion, the stenciling project had no real learning involved.  I enjoyed the project anyways because it was a small break.  For the project, we made a collage, which every kid does in elementary school anyway.  After finishing that, we watercolored it to create a opaque background.  The collage was allowed time to dry while we traced and cut out a stencil to spray paint with.  Using spray paint was an up to this project. From brightening the collage, to spraying our stencil, it added some value, bright paint inside the stencil, fading out towards the edge.  Stenciling required no real skill, but it was an easy few weeks to absorb what we'd learned.
 #5.  As an artist, the project of the clay tile most reflects me.  It shows how well I can sculpt, paint, and design.  We had to take several pictures of any animal of our choosing and draw a design of the animal to mold into clay form and paint.  I chose a giraffe because they are so graceful and they don't harm anything, they are beautiful animals that simply exist.  Creating the giraffe was difficult, even though I have used clay before.  I couldn't get every part of it smooth like I wanted, or get the leaves exactly how I'd imagined.  Painting was a different story; when I wanted to blend something, it wouldn't blend, but when it needed to stand out, it blended in.  Overall, this project was very me.

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