Friday, December 7, 2012


1. When we went to the lab, we went onto photshop and changed the threshold so that the picture was black and white so it was easy to decide what to cut out and what to leave in the stencil.
2. With the background of a collage, I made mine relate to my stencil by doing things with color and having to do with the beach.
3. Postive and negative space really changed the compostition of the stencil.  It showed where the spraypaint would go and how well the image would stand out.  To ensure the contrast was right, you needed to test out how it looked in photoshop.

4. With an Xacto knife, cutting out the details was very important.  If you made one wrong cut, the entire thing could be ruined so avoiding mistakes was critical.  Since mine was an easy design to cut out and draw, the cutting part was simple.

5. Spray painting was intresting to test out with the stencils.  You had to make sure that the colors worked with eachother well and nothing is too dark or covered up.

Anamorphasis Critique

1. For our anamorphosis project, we had to change the picture so that when we draw it, it would appear to pop off of the page.  In the lab, we used photoshop to scale picture.  Going to the top of the page, we went to the button to hit threshold and transform the way the photo looked.  Because of this, the photo was disotrted and the perspective was from a different veiwpoint.
2. By distorting the picture in photoshop, the perspective was off unless you looked from the bottom, almost eye-level with the paper.  We had to grid the picture and our sketchbook so we could draw it to scale and see it as it was when we printed it out.  After we put the grid on both pages, and drew out the sketch, and used colored pencils to add values and shadows to picture to make it really pop off of the page.
3. The most important pieces in this to make the sketch successful were to edit it on photoshop, add in values, and also adding a shadow to the final picture.